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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have recently become addicted to Prada. In particular, I have fallen HEAD OVER HEELS for the Tessuto Fiocco Muff Bow Clutch! Would anyone happen to have any info on it? Pictures would be very much appreciated :yes:. I understand it comes in either nylon or leather. What colours is/was it available in? Which season was this bag first introduced? Is it still available in Prada's current collection? Also, why do some come with straps whereas others do not?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. The leather is $895, the nylon is $535

    Saks in South Coast has a grey to pink gradient left. There is also a black with a pink bow for $310 ( but it is flat not rectangular so it does not fit as much, it is at Saks too).
    The nylon I have seen in black and green you can find it on
    I think it is a Fall 07 bag. The ones with 2 zippers on the bottome have no strap while the ones with only 1 zipper on the bottom have a strap.

    Hawaii may have one black with pink bow left for $735 and it is the rectangular one not the flat one.
  3. it launched in the fall..for ad campaign..

    only available in leather initially for launch
    nero+begonia (black+pink)
    abete+smeraldo (green+emerald)
    prugna+papaya (prune+orange)
    nero (black)

    the gradient bag is technically not the same family although the colors are the same..

    there is now for spring amazing new colors in leather and clutch style and flat messenger bags...

    hawaii has all colors...even the new spring qtys
  4. pikeeygrl & locogymman, thanks for all the helpful information. You guys are great!

    locogymman, do you know which leather/nylon colours are available for spring? I can't seem to find them on the Prada site.
  5. for spring....

    Nylon or Nappa (leather) - (all one color)
    Tote - Ibisco (light maroon), Barolo (Burgandy), Turchese (Turqiouse), Corallo (Coral/bright orange), Baltico (Dark blue), Viola (Violet)

    Clutch - All the above

    they also have a new collection called the "Rose"...intead of having the big bow, there are 3 rosettes on the bag...amazing!!
  6. I just saw those a few weeks ago at the Prada store in Florence. Adorable! I was tempted, but the strap was too small to fit over my arm and for me, if a bag doesn't pass the "strap test," I probably won't use it.
  7. Thank you so much locogymman
  8. [​IMG]I have the nero+begonia leather one. The leather is nappa, which is the softest you can find. Inside it has a pocket and the standard lining. The strap can be taken off although its a bit "too much" for me to wera it without. It attracts a lot of attention!
    In the UK it got sold out very quickly and they will not re-stock. I just got 3 spring gatalogue and this is not included in there, also I have not seen in store but some big department stores may still have some left (NM)
    I got mine in Milan and it was the very last one in this color!
    I am thinking of selling to fund a Montorgueil LV, let me know if intstd ![​IMG]
  9. I hope you get one. I have the pinnk and absolutley love it
  10. OH MY GOSH ! I love it.

    I so getting this.
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