Prada bow clutch in HK

  1. Hey i'm in the UK but my bf is going to HK nxt week. Does anyone have any idea whether the pink fiocco tessuto bow clutch is sold out in HK? If not does anyone have any idea where its available and for how much its retailing for in Hong Kong? iv read that theres 2 versions - all leather, and nylon & leather, can someone explain that to me? I also read that there's a purple one available, where where where?! lol

    Sorry for all the Qs thanks!
  2. :confused1: does no1 know? :crybaby:
  3. i only know the bow clutch is hkd 6850...hope this helps...
  4. thanks! that's for the all leather one isnt it? Does HK not stock the nylon and leather one? Aaah... wish I knew about this bag a month ago, when I was in HK for the week! :sad:
  5. It's completely sold-out.
    The local media even photoshopped a picture to describe the frenzy of the waitlist.
    You would have a better luck finding it in the UK.
    Good luck~

  6. hello
    i saw the purple, brown/orange, and all nylon in the prada shop in Sogo
    pink/black, brown/orange and all nylon in peninsula shops..
    just go and take a look.. i think they got stocks..
  7. just want to add.. i saw the bow clutch in fuchsia today at prince building.. do take a look.. it's too small for me..
  8. Mine is up for sale if u r interested! Bought in Milan recently...[​IMG]
  9. ^your not allowed to solicit ales on here
  10. how much is it selling in Milan in Euro?