Prada Bow Clutch: Help me pick! Which colour should I choose??

  1. Hey guys,

    I need your input! I searched high and low, and finally managed to track down some leather versions of the Prada Bow Clutch. My SA was kind enough to email me pics from her cell phone (how nice of her, eh? :yes:). Now my dilemma is, which one should I pick?? I'm thinking either the purple or the black (the pink one is too bubble gum for me). But I'm on the fence, since I have so many black bags already...and I'm not sure how versatile the purple will be. What do you guys think?? PLEASE HELP!!! I need to decide by Friday.

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
    Prada Bow Clutches.JPG
  2. the purple looks really pretty. i think it would be a great pop color against black, red, yellow and even some shades of green.
  3. I like them all..This bag has really grown on me...too cute!
    id get black...but thats what i always choose!HEHE!
  4. The pink and black definitely stands out. Have you seen other color combination like orange/green/brown?
  5. Black on black :yes: Cute + classy! I have the tote version and love it so much.
  6. Not IRL, but I have seen them online. The green one is gorgeous! :tup:
  7. i think that black on black is nice plus classic as well.
  8. I have the pink and love it. It is deffinitly a fun bag to own, and i get so many compliments
  9. Ok the vote amongst my friends and coworkers seems to be for the PURPLE one, yet most PFers here are voting for the BLACK one. Oy, I'm even more confused now! Anyway, here is another pic my SA took for me. It's a colour-comparison shot against a purple Prada cosmetic bag that I already have. :girlsigh: If only I could be there to see/try it IRL....
    Prada Purple Bow Clutch Comparison.JPG
  10. purple for me. it's a dark purple and u can wear all year around. i love it and wanna grab one too..
  11. purple! I just got a Jimmy Choo Mahala in purple...TDF! It's surprisingly a neutral color!
  12. I love the purple, but I would probably end up getting the black.
  13. Alright, I'm going in for the kill. Purple it is! Gosh, I hope it turns out ok... :sweatdrop:

    Thanks for all your input everyone! You guys are great! :tup:
  14. oops, i'm a bit late, but I would have gone for the Purple, so I think you made the right choice. The purple is gorgeous and it's the colour I very nearly got (got the green on green instead):tup:
  15. I love the pink...but purple my favorite color....but stilll pink is very sweet and feminine...

    Can I ask how are these going for?