Prada bow bag

  1. hi gals
    just visited the prada shop tonight and i thought i have to treat myself something nice for tough work recently. so my eyes are on the bow bag for this season

    basically, i prefer black bag with pink bow in a larger size. but the SA said only black bag with black bow is available for lager size, pink bow is for smaller size. what do you think? will the bow bag too girlish or trendy? also, the lambskin seems too "thin", much thinner than my miu miu lambskin spring tote..

    thanks :yes:
  2. Oh Wow i love it. Congratulations.
  3. both sizes?? the bow one has one size right?? I guess the bigger size is without the bow? it it lovely...there is also pink-grey without long is gorgeous
  4. i like the idea of a large black one with black bow, sounds very sophisticated
  5. I just the bow clutch on styledrops but it's more expensive than in store..there is $ you know if any other website sell??
  6. I prefer black on black. A friend has the hot pink on black and its cute but definitely more trendy/girly in my opinion. The black is a little more sophisticated. Both are cute though.
  7. any color is perfect with the bow clutch IMO...I wish they could sell online
  8. I was half tempted with the black on black, it's gorgeous, if it's for work then I would definitely go with this.
    The pink is stunning but it is a bit more of a statement.
  9. The black on black is the BEST! That is the one I'm searching for since July!
    If you find one- go for it!
  10. I found the name of the bow clutch "Prada Tessuto Fiocco Muff Bow Clutch"

    besides styldrops are there any other online stores that sells this...styledrops has one color and sell it for much more expensive:sad:
  11. I just got one today -- it was love at first sight!!
  12. Pink and black is my favorite
  13. "Please" someone help me find this clutch "at a normal price" online...don't understand why styledrops sell it for much more...they don't sell the pink one but still it is ok:smile:
  14. i just bought the large size bow bag in black leather. I posted about it previously...........$990, available only in Prada boutiques, its almost 13" when cinched together on each side by closing its gold snaps, and 15" when taut pulled into a tote. I carried it today and was literally surrounded by Prada SAs in NM and Saks, oooohing and aaaaahing. my camera is broken so cant post pics......but its gorgeous, much less trendy than the tiny muff one, and and with that cute fat bow and the gold Prada logo in the mdidle of it, is really a resonable deal for the money