PRADA BOOTS...keep or not to keep?

  1. hey ladies..i got this pair of PRADA boots from NORDSTORM...i also ordered the SAME pair in BLACK. i am defintely keeping the black one, but i am on the fence about this brown one...

    what do you ladies think? is it worth the money?? (its $890, before tax)

    thanks! :flowers:
    IMG_2586.jpg IMG_2587.jpg IMG_2588.jpg
  2. LOVES THEM!! KEEPER!!!!!!!!!

    I always buy my Prada boots in 2 colors too..They are the best and sooooooo COMFY!
  3. Those boots are classy. I hate having the same shoe in 2 colors unless they're Manolos, though. I'd return the brown ones and get a different pair of brown boots!
  4. OH MY GOSH! the boots are amazingly GORGEOUS!!!!!!! you should definately keep both pairs :smile:))))) Congrats they are sooo pretty :yahoo:
  5. thanks girls!

    mich327- i guess we think alike! i usually dont like to have the same style in diff colors as well, unless they are louboutins..haha..i just want to diversify my collection...but then again, this style is so simple, that it should still be wearable next season..u know?

    hum.....decsions decisons...........they are also super comfy too..haha..

    *Sigh* why are decisions so hard?? hehee...
  6. love them. keep!
  7. Keep them.

    They're simple but with a killer heel. Plus they're comfortable. When you find a style you like, get them in all the colors!
  8. I love them! I say keep both pairs!
  9. KEEP!!! they're HOT! they'd look soooo hot with a skirt!
  10. haha..ok girls..ur all NOT helping my bank account!! hhahahaa...

    but ur all right, this pair of prada is really pretty...*sigh*

    ok, im gonna try them on now..AGAIN!

  11. I love them :biggrin:

    they are such a lovely colour brown, that I think they will look very different to the black.

    Also, if you find a comfy pair of boots that look this good, you just gotta keep em ;)

    congrats, they are devine
  12. those are easily the best looking boots I've seen! I was expecting to say "only keep one pair!" at that price, but I don't know how you could!
    LOVE them!!!
  13. those boots are GORGEOUS! If a pair of boots that look that good are also comfy, it would be a crime to return them.

    Unless of course they are a size 7.5 & you want to give them to me:roflmfao:

    Seriously, how could you even consider not keeping them?
  14. Keep them ... they look absolutely gorgeous on you!
  15. uh oh! so...after reading all of your comments,i have put them on again......and this time i tried them on with cute!!! *sigh*

    -how can i not keep them? uh.....bc they are expensive!!! lol..usu my shoes boots cost about $150-$550. this would defintely be a splurge in my book..if i had an unlimited bank acct, i would love to keep them ALL!! *Sigh*

    allright..right now i think im 90% keeping them...prior to posting, i was im up to 90...u grls arent really helping my diminishing bank acct! lol.....

    also, if i keep this, i gotta 1) hide it from husband, and 2) when he does find out, if ever, i must lie about the price...bc after 2 chanel bags this month, i dont think he would be all that please to know about the "matching prada boots"