prada booties.....(reveal)

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  1. I just got the most amazing(and painful) shoes ever. they are the prada ruffle booties in nappa leather

  2. The balls of my feet are hurting just looking at that pic but those ruffles are so avant the look of them!!!!!!!!
  3. i think the pain is worth it... haha!
  4. i know. i can't wait to wear them, but i think i will pack a pair of flats whenever i wear them. haha
  5. Oh I've done that before....I usually do that when I'm breaking in some fab shoes! ha
  6. Woo hoo, those are great boots, congrats and enjoy. Now we need to see modeling pix!!!
  7. very nice...congrats
  8. NOW I can appreciate the ruffles! I didn't like them on the bags. And like you, I would definitely carry comfy shoes if I wore these!
  9. LOVE!...totally worth the pain!LOL!
  10. Those are totally cute and it is great to know that I'm not the only one to wear shoes that truly hurt all in the name of fashion.:nuts:
  11. I love them but have such bad feet I'd probably be crippled after I wore them once!!:smile:
  12. I absolutely adore these!
  13. Shoot!! Can't see the pic...I'm at work..I don't understand it..some I can see..others I can't..??..
  14. here are some modeling pics.... hopefully they will show up for you. ugh, my legs look huge in the second pic. dammit

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  15. Those shoes are gorgeous!! They look great on you too, congrats!