Prada Bootie - Sizing Issue!

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  1. Hi everyone, just looking for some advice :P

    I just purchased a pair of Prada black patent leather booties - final sale. In-store they fit a bit snug but the SA swore the shoes would stretch over time. I was anxious to buy them because they were the last pair (the SA called 2 other stores looking for more sizes)...

    Well I got home and now the shoes feel super uncomfortable :cursing:

    So I desperately want to keep the shoes... does anyone know any tricks for stretching out patent leather booties? Or should I not bother and just re-sell them somewhere :sad:


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  2. bring them to a cobbler for proper stretching. patent is tricky.
  3. I tried those on and they do fit a bit snug and had to get half size up. Do you wear nylons or tights with them? That may help.
  4. Thanks... I am going to call a cobbler and I'm going to wear them with nylons (they do seem to fit a bit better that way).

    a 1/2 size up would have been perfect!