Prada Boot Sizing?

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  1. I am usually a 9.5 in most brands. In Stuart Weitzman I can wear a 10 in pointed toe shoes. I have been eyeing these platform boots and am unsure if the 39.5 will fit me. The seller also has a 40.5 for sale as well. Any help is appreciated.

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    Ok, so if this helps ... I don’t have shoes from a lot of a American brands to compare sizes, but if it helps, the brands I have had, off the top of my head, are Freebird (Steve Madden?), Jeffrey Campbell, Faryl Robin and Old Gringo (Mexicana), and they are all 9.5 or 10, so I think I’m your size. In Europe, I’m a 40.5 to 41, usually tending to the 41. I have several pairs of Prada shoes including some boots of a similar style to the above, and I am invariably 40.5 in Prada, never 41. If I’ve got your American size right, I think the 39.5 will be too small for you but the 40.5 should be right.

    I’ve got Proenza Schoulers too but while PS is American, they are made in Italy and are sized in EU sizes. I’m 41 in those. They translate that in their size guide to US11 but that seems very inconsistent with other brands’ conversions so I would only take it into consideration if you have some PS shoes and know what your Italian size is in them.

    ETA I’ve also bought the odd pair from Free People and so has my daughter. She is EU39 and buys Free People US8. I’m 40.5/41 and have had US 9.5/10.

    I think 40.5 is your Prada size.
  3. Thank you soooo much for your reply! I greatly appreciate it. I see many conflicting reviews so I was unsure. I ended up going with the 40.5 :smile:
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  4. I really hope I got it right! I think it’s correct. I find Prada shoes to be very consistently half a size large to size, if I think of myself as 41. I am forever ordering the 41 and the 40.5, and always send back the 41. That’s not the way round you’re looking at them but I think you’d not really squeeze into a 39.5 if those US brands I mentioned make sense to you. I think a 39.5 is like a US 8.5, and am pretty sure it would be too small for you. Please update when you get them! Buying pre-owned shoes is really difficult but I think you’re going to be ok with these!
  5. It is very difficult. I only ever shop online so there are many times where the items I buy just do not fit. See I would have thought 39.5 would be a 9.5 and I am glad you clarified for me! I will definitely do an update once I receive the shoes :smile: thank you again
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  6. PS hope you saw my addition to the first answer. I don’t think it makes a difference about Proenza Schouler though, that size translation seems really odd compared to other US shoes I know. I think you’ll be ok.
  7. Yes I just saw it. That is so odd. You would think they would try to make it easier for people :biggrin:. I am super excited to try them on! I think they'll be perfect
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  8. Buy both pairs and keep the one that fits. Problem solved.
  9. It's on Ebay and the seller doesn't allow returns.
  10. A 40 would probably be best.
    I wear a 39 in Prada and usually an 8.5 in US sizing. Sometimes I have to go up to a 9 depending on style/brand, but mostly 8.5.
    I could never fit a 38.5