Prada BN 1792- Which colour should I get?

  1. Please give me your opinion on which colour i should get. Should I get black or the other one which looks like a greyish brown (not sure of the official name)

    Your view is appreciated.
    prada BN1792_black.jpg Prada BN 1792.jpg
  2. Definitely the black one, more classic and easy to match with other things... the bag is special anyway so it won´t be boring in a classic colour:smile:
  3. I agree with black. :smile:
  4. Black!! Looks very classy
  5. I vote for black too!
  6. If you don't already have a black nylon, I vote for black.
  7. If you already have other black bag (any kind of black bag), I would suggest go for the other one. It shows of the gaufre style better I think but then again I never really had any black bag.
  8. Another vote for black.
  9. Black
  10. Im kinda liking the grey actually...It looks more expensive to me than the black :smile:
    But if you do not own a black premium designer brand, black is always the place to start!
    xo Good luck with you decision
  11. The black one gets my vote, but either one is a beauty.
  12. I like the greyish brown and had that color (fumo) it was awesome and I still miss it..
  13. It depends - do you have a black bag in similar size/style? If so then it's a good idea to get the gray, which is a nice neutral colour too.
  14. loving the black. its very classic :smile:
  15. black! :smile: