Prada & Bluefly Questions


Jan 9, 2006
Ok, so I'm not an expert in any area of handbags, just an enjoyer of them! When I decided to buy a little black nylon prada off Bluefly I double, triple, quadruple checked out Bluefly's reputation and I never saw one complaint of fake bags and I got great recommendations for using them.

I know not everyone is a fan of their nylon stuff, but it was perfect for me to use for bars/clubs since I'm protective of more expensive and leather bags...I mean, you never know when some drunk will spill or have a cigarette get too near you. So it is really the perfect size and material for my needs. But when it came in, I couldn't help but keep wondering if it was real or not. The outside looks great, but the inside doesnt have the lining with Prada all over it. I've heard that's basically an instant sign it is a fake. I guess I should've returned it, but I wanted to believe in Bluefly! Also, everything else looked exactly like what I got with another Prada I bought from an actual store in Italy...this one also doesn't have the lining that says prada all over it, but it is more of an evening bag and it has a satin lining. So are there exceptions to the rule for this lining and I should have confidence that my bag is real...or is it a fake and I should get rid of it? I'm ok cutting my losses if it is, it is just I keep hearing that they don't sell fakes so then I keep telling myself I'm paranoid.

Oh, so I just noticed this yesterday but the hardware on my other is metal, and on this nylon the two piece connecting the strap to the actual purse part seem to be plastic, but in every other sense identical. The prada logo on them is identical and even. Is that just a difference in the nylon vs. leather bags? I wouldn't think it would change.

Has anyone else been suspicious of their bluefly purchases? Am I worrying too much about this?

I tried to take pictures but my camera died...if I need to I will though and post them in the AM, my battery should be charged by then. Thanks in advance for your opinions!

Oh, but I just found they have the same thing selling up on Amazon: hope that link works. Funny, the reviews on Amazon seem to say it is impractical, but I've found it the perfect size and quite useful which is why I'll be upset with myself if it is a fake!
I don't think that all Prada bags necesarily are lined in the same way, and that the hardware varies. Did you check out the Prada guide on ebay? That guide provides photographs which illustrate many of the different types of hardware and interior linings used.
Post pictures!
But Bluefly is supposed to be completely legitimate and trustworthy.
All Prada bags are not lined the same. In fact the smaller nylon ones tend to only have black nylon on the inside with one prada metal rectangle with the made in italy written on it.

Bluefly is a reputable company. I would never even consider that I would get a fake from them... (Of course, until that happens... ) ;)

Post pictures, but I am pretty sure that your bag is the real deal.
hehe I have that same purse, that i infact bought from amazon! Don't worry!!!..there is not any "prada signature " lining's just the actual fabric that makes up the actual bag. I am not sure how the newer nylon purses are but I am imagining that our bags are older by several years..and that is why we don't have that type. I personally love mine is PERFECT..i spilled coffee on it accidently and it just soaked trace of anything on there..i didnt even have to put water to clean it off
I agree- bluefly is a big online retailer who frequently advertise on US publications. I highly doubt they would risk such a reputation on selling fake goods...

Nonetheless- we would love to see some pics! :yes: