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  1. People have had issues with authenticity with Bluefly lately(bal.bags..etc) I personally wouldnt buy there.
  2. I would steer clear of the handbags right now because there have been a lot of questions about their authenticity with Chloe and Balenciaga.
  3. Don't tell me that! I purchased a prada tote about 3 years ago and never gave it a thought as to if it was authentic or not. I rec'd. the authenticity card w/it. Is this just recent w/bluefly?
  4. It's been a while(maybe 3 mos ago??) but yes people have had issues w/ them mainly w/ balenciaga bags. I'm sure you can search for the thread if you go to balenciaga section. Personally, I wouldn't get anything from bluefly b/c of the authenticity issues they've had w/ balenciaga bags. I would recommend buying any designer bags directly from dept stores/boutiques or legit online stores such as eluxury.
  5. from my own personal experience in buying several prada bags on bluefly in the past, i would not deter you from shopping there. everything i've ever received from them has been authentic!
  6. ditto - so far so good, at least w/ gucci and fendi:yes:
  7. Ditto here too. Frankly, I wonder how long people are going to keep beating up Bluefly for making that mistake.:shrugs:
  8. I ordered a Chloe bag from Bluefly a couple of weeks ago. It was definitely authentic. I ended up returning it because it was too large, but the bag was in perfect shape and was definitely authentic. They are great about accepting returns, too. I got my refund promptly.