Prada Black Leather Tote -

  1. Saw this on Saks' site. Has anyone seen it IRL?
  2. I haven't but I hope someone here buys that..I'd love to see pics!! Looks like a very useful bag that will last a long time, and won't go out of style..are you thinking about getting it?
  3. I think I've seen it, but in an ivory/white color.
    I think it's a great bag, but personally don't love the fact that it comes with a canvas strap when the rest of the bag is leather. (If I'm thinking of the same bag)
  4. I've seen it IRL. It's beautiful! Leather is really nice. I love the strap worn across the body.
  5. i've seen it and tried, but the handle is not long enough to fit on my shoulder comfortably..
  6. I love it :smile: