Prada Black Deerskin Gauffre - is being held for me if someone here is interested.

  1. Ok, I know this sounds crazy - I just posted these eBay pix yesterday or the day before of this bag and I told everyone I saw it a few weeks ago. I was out again today and saw it *again*! It's BACK!!

    My SA is holding it for me... although I'm holding it for one of you guys if you're interested, because I've already spent WAYYYY too much on these 40 off sale bags the past 2 weeks, AND I bought the lambskin black gauffre, so I don't need another.

    If anyone wants this bag, please PM me, and I can ask my SA to sell it to you. Here's some pix and the price was $2690 marked down to $1882.90 - It has the wider strap as well.

    I've taken a few images to hopefully give you and idea of the bag -- there is only 1 flaw I saw ... which is pretty important, but I am a perfectionist! The Prada plate is a little bit crooked on the leather... you can judge for yourself in the pix...

    Again, I thought it was a beautiful bag and almost took it home with me ... :nuts:
    P6100059_gauffre1.JPG P6100061_gauffre2.JPG P6100062_gauffre3.JPG P6100064_gauffre4.JPG
  2. Saks, NM or Prada boutique? I can't make out the price tag. ;)
  3. OK....PM me the info...LOL...
  4. Jill, you don't need another Prada. Unless it's a gift for me that is. :devil:
  5. PP... It was in Saks... and Jill I just PM'd you.
  6. I love this but I'm loving the brown you're already owning/wearing even better! LOL
  7. Thanks mlowran... When I put it on "hold" I was actually doing it for anyone in our PF that wanted it - I had seen it a while back and after posting some pix from an eBay auction I thought there was some interest by some members... so when I saw it at saks again I put it on hold and posted it here.

    btw, a PFer *did* buy it! I hope she reports back and that she loves it. :yes:
  8. :drool: That bag is delicious!!!