Prada Bicester Village


Jan 27, 2014
I'm so tempted to make a side trip here - I'm traveling around there this summer!

I went to the Prade outlet in Orlando, Florida before and they had some neat stuff. Clothes and shoes in addition to bags and wallets.


New Member
Sep 16, 2014
I just wanted to let you know about my awful experience at prada bicester village. I purchased a tote bag for £610 in February. I used it only on the weekends and by June had notice that the sealant had started cracking. I sent it back for them to repair and when I received it back the repair job had been carried out horrendously! I've sent it back again and they offered to replace the handles. I turned this down as the damage is around the opening of the bag not on the handles! This was a week ago and despite calling several times they have not got back to me with another solution :sad: I'm left without a bag and no answers!

I would really discourage people from buying from the outlet! Items are of a lesser quality and the customer service is awful!