Prada Beauty Products

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  1. they don't have the skin care products here at my local prada boutique and i was wondering if anybody has tried them?
  2. i've tried their tinted moisturizer thingie with the SPF.........i'm obsessive abotu what i put on my face and tend to use tons of high end products and i hafta say this isn't really one of my favorites......there's nothing particularly wrong iwth it and packaging is convenient but doesn't really do nething special for me.....
  3. I just saw the hydrating gel cream at Costco for $49.99, if anyone is interested!
  4. i bought a ton of it at tj maxx for way cheap. and sold it on ebay. :smile: at any rate i tried the glow hydrating gel and i liked it.
  5. The lip balm is great, quite fragrant and really rich.
  6. I like the lip balms too - the clear as well as the colored ones. I always have dry lips and these are so moisturizing.
  7. I like the lip balm as well and the new tinted ones are great. I also love the Hydrating Gel Cream. It's not too rich and my face feels incredibly soft.
  8. The lipbalms are great, so convenient. I found the under eye concealer has a really light consistancy and does not cover anything. Waste of money that one.
  9. the hydrating gel cream makes me break out in splotches for some reason (i have extra sensitive skin so i'm sure it's me and not the product :sad:) but i stll love it because the packaging is just so darn cute :P