prada bear keychain/charm

  1. hii
    i'm new to this forum, but was wondering whether anyone can help me with locating a prada bear keychain. i saw some a while ago at the beverly hills prada store but was told they could not sell the display models so i settled for a heart keychain. BUT i still can't get those cute furry bear keychains out of my head so i'm still looking for one. since then, i've called all californian prada stores and was told they were long sold out.

    does anyone know an easy way to obtain one in the US?

  2. NOPE...all sold out..try overseas stores and they delivered to USA..:tup:
  3. I just saw one at the 5th Avenue store and there was one in Manhasset last week. Good luck.
  4. really and are they for sale? PRADA stores that i went to said that they are not allowed to sell displayed bears :crybaby:
  5. hey...i saw one for sale at eBay at retail..:tup:
  6. I have the White bear "Achille", google his picture, he's the white bear with red heart in swarvoski crystals...

    currently all us shops said they could sell them, so i acquired an entire set for myself...but have a spare want?? :smile: