Prada Bauletto Vitello Daino Handbag

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  1. Does anyone own the Prada Bauletto Vitello Daino handbag BR3091? I was wondering if I could see a picture and if you could tell me if your handle straps (ends) are pointy/rounded or squared off? I'm seeing both & wondering if it's a way of identifying knockoffs. Any info would be deeply appreciated. Thanks ;)
  2. Please post authenticty issues and questions with pics in AUTH THIS so we can help ya!
  3. Hi Jill,
    I've posted in just about every area available. There's no one to help answer this question. :crybaby:
  4. Hi Boinkers! I believe they are squared off. Here is a picture of the ad...I remember seeing this style in a Prada store also and the ends of the handles are squared off, not round or pointed. :smile: Hope that helps!
  5. Thank you baglover529. The picture isn't exactly the BR3091 but here's a photo of what I've been seeing. Prada handbags and purses The ends are rounded off. The only place I've seen the squared ends is on & they're not a very reputable company, so I've read. But thank you so much for your reply & help!