Prada bags from Neiman Marcus

  1. To all Prada experts, my small Prada logo nylon bag that I ordered from Neiman Marcus came a couple days ago. It cost $167 half price. It didn't come with the Prada dust bag but it did come with the Authenticity cert. card.. can I assume that bags from N. M are all real stuff?? I thought i read a thread somewhere people do get fake bags from N.M.. Any idea?? I also ordered this Prada nylon hobo bag from N. M. Prada -  Nylon Hobo, Large -  Neiman Marcus

    I just wanta make sure i didn't get ripped off even i think i got myself some good deals. :p
  2. NM is LEGIT
  3. Thanks Jill for your reply!!
  4. No Prob!
  5. My first prada bag didn't come w/ a dustbag but did come w/ the authenticity card. Prada bags from NM are authentic and I never doubt their authenticity.
  6. i wonder why they didn't send it with a dustbag? that would irritate me. all my bags from nm had dustbags, even my prada ones that I was able to get on sale...
  7. I dont' know I would trust NM
  8. they mightve just ran out of the size. but i would be irritated if they didnt send the dustbag. what if i want to sell it on eBay or something?