Prada bag???

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  1. Hi
    I’m looking for a designer bag which I think is a Prada but I’m not certain.
    It is a very simple design with 4 holes at the top for your fingers. Attached is a very basic illustration of the bag. Does anyone recognise this bag and can you confirm if it is Prada?
  2. any idea when this bag was made. I am thinking of this years s/s collection, then it was all about the long strapped bags that were worn curled around and around the arm, and this winters bags are all the tortoise shell hard type carry handles and the lushious brown padded leather styles.
    Is it a bag you have seen quite recently, I just cannot recall seeing a bag in the style you have shown us.
    Try and give us some more info :idea: so we can hopefully help you some more :yes:
  3. You should probably have this moved to Prada. I'm sure someone can help you there.
  4. I think it's an old, maybe vintage bag. Unfortunately I know nothing about it.
    I saw one briefly about a year ago, and I’m desperately looking for one ever since. I’m just hoping someone will recognise it either by description or the illustration.
  5. I don't recognize the bag. But it looks to me more like something Tanner Krolle would have made years ago, rather than Prada.
  6. Is it possible it's a Miu Miu? I remember seeing something like that but I have no idea where. It doesn't seem like a Prada bag to me though. Sorry I can't be of more help! :sad:
  7. Thanks, I'll do a search for Tanner Krolle and Miu Miu.
  8. I saw a Gaultier bag similar to this- on Zappos, I think, but It's not there anymore.
  9. I think its MIU MIU..MANY YEARS AGO.....
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