Prada bag

  1. Question what do you guys feel about this Prada bag??? I am thinking about getting it and just wanted your opinion.

  2. personally, I think that's one of the nicest Pradas I've seen in a long time. It's got cool metallic but it's not overkill shine. I like it a lot.
  3. I agree with Bethany, that's the nicest Prada I've seen in a very, very loooooooooooong time!
  4. Thanks you guys. I am going to add it to my collection. I want my collection to be versitile. I will probably be using it for work during the spring/summer days.
  5. It's very nice....let us know if you do get it, and post pictures!
  6. It's a nice-looking bag. I think you'd turn some heads with that one (as will all other lovely bags we have here!).
  7. I love the style. Very classy. Is the non-metallic part leather or nylon or fabric or ???
  8. I like it too. Love the neutral color! Is that gold metallic or bronze?
  9. it looks like a real classic bag! PLUS it looks like it will hold a lot of stuff in it! I like the colours!
    let us know what you decide! :biggrin: