Prada Bag...worth the price?

I agree with you Noriko. For some reason, the sizes are off to me. Either they're too big or too small or the shape is wrong. But I have the wallet in that leather...and i love it! Even though there are only FOUR CC slots...
^^^damn, only 4???? :lol: That sucks, I need a bunch, not just for ccs but for IDs etc. Too bad the large wasnt a tad bigger, I could have used it for school! I've had to stick two cards into each slot and just let the rest of them hang out in the pocket behind that...and mine aren't just ccs either, although my collection has grown because I had to open new accounts in London for my study abroad year. But I also have lots of misc. IDs and club cards. ARGH!

It's not a very convenient wallet, but I just had to get it for the leather. I wish I knew how to upload pictures so I can show this.
Wow Noriko, you reply fast! Haha, I have one where my friend is sniffing it after we just came back to the hotel, but I don't have ones showing the inside yet. How can I get the pic to you?