Prada Bag - Should I buy it!?!?!


Jun 5, 2007
Hi there,

I'm seriously considering buying my very first (and very expensive!) leather Prada bag. :yahoo: However, I'm currently a graduate student with my mom advising me to put my $1,000 towards a house rather than a fab handbag.......should I be listening to her???:sweatdrop:

Also I was wondering if anyone knowa whether or not they come with a dust bag? The purse is decently sized so I'd assume it would come with one, but when I've taken a close look at the purses in the stores they don't seem to have one inside.



Jul 20, 2006
First, Yes it will come with a dust bag especially if its leather prada. Second, have you looked around for the same bag online? There are good deals to be had if you are patient! So you could end up saving some money which would make mom happy, and be good for your pocket too.


Mar 15, 2007
A bag of this quality will come w/a dustbag....they may have it stored away, but will give you one w/a purchase.
As for listening to your mom....yes, you should.
There are priorities in life and I don't think a handbag can be classified as such.
Make a realistic goal to save a certain percentage of your income for savings for a house and make this your priority and then the rest of savings can go to whatever.....then, when you have saved enough for a fab purse - buy it and you will have no regrets/second thoughts. Good habits are worth developing when you are young and will serve you well for a lifetime.


Young Broke and Fab
Dec 10, 2006
Why not split the amount -- $500 toward a bag fund and $500 toward your house fund? One of the things I have learned is that you should always "pay" yourself first since you will always have bills, responsibilities and other things gnawing at your money.

Bags come and go -- and for $1000 -- it doesn't seem as if the bag is on sale really. So why not save your dollars, split then evenly and wait a bit. That way there is no guilt for blowing a wad of cash on a bag and postponing your dream, but then you aren't denying yourself the spoils of your hard work.


May 4, 2007
It is so easy to get addicted to name brand bags once your start collecting them. However, as long as you have a good financial plan, your money will come double or triple. You then will have enough money to buy things you like.

Set your priority first. Buying a house is a looooong term goal. Buyiing a Prada bag is quick and will make you happy immediately. But keep this in mind -- a bag's value will only depreciate while real estate value always appreciate.


Jan 14, 2007
it depends on your priority.. different people have different priorities...

look at it this way, whatever land we have now is all we will ever have... while bags are made by the hundreds every single day!

would you rather claim a piece of that land and have your place on earth that you can call your own? or, buy a fabulous bag that you may not even use 5 years down the road?

here's my suggestion based on my personal experience ... i bought a house first and every tax season, i would spend my refund on a new purse! :smile:

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
Hi there,

However, I'm currently a graduate student with my mom advising me to put my $1,000 towards a house rather than a fab handbag.......should I be listening to her???:sweatdrop:
In a word: Yes!

I bought my first house when I was 23. I didn't have much else, but I had my own house. I'll always be proud of that. That I have a closet full of designer bags (including 6 Prada bags) right now doesn't hold a candle to that.


Jun 5, 2007
Thanks everyone!

I honestly posted my msg thinking everyone would say "Go for it!!! Prada at 40% off, you can't give that up!!!"

It was such a wake-up call to read that everyone posting back was basically saying I should wait before I bought a bag. lovemyangels - you're's *sooo* easy to get caught in the designer bag addiction! It all started with a small Coach handbag and now I always seem to be searching for another new, pretty purse!!

Prada Psycho - that's *amazing* that you were able to buy your own house at 23. I have a friend who had his own house and a cadillac by the time he was 25. Those are such amazing accomplishments.

I'm 22 now - I think from now on I'll set my priorities on owning my first house by the time I'm 25, and bring on the Prada a little later.

Thanks for all your advice everyone!!! And hopefully this was a bit of an eye-opener for any other young, not quite yet well-established girls - it certainly was for me!



May 14, 2007
I agree, put the $$ towards your "buy a house" fund.

Off topic, but I'm a realtor so a few other comments:
You need closing costs and a down payment to buy a house. Some loan programs will lend you 100%, some sellers will contribute to closing costs. These $$ amounts are fixed in % to the amount financed. Be VERY careful about adjustable rate mortgages, online lending programs, and any deal that looks too good to be true. Make sure you can afford the payments once they start adjusting if you do go with an adjustable rate.

Real estate does not always appreciate. It has for the past 5 or 6 years but the period between 89 and 98 saw decreases in many markets. People who bought and needed to move had trouble, so think about your choice long term.

I was never prouder the day I bought my first (and still my only) house. And I love my handbags too -- but they're not remotely in the same league -- I agree !!