Prada Bag Pix!!! Lookie - Lookie!! :)

  1. Good morning all...

    I was out yesterday and took some pix to post here so everyone can have a gander at some of the bags I saw yesterday. I was not able to take pix of everything I saw - but I tried to take as much as I could before being reprimanded by store security -- that cameras are not allowed. :shocked:

    It totally fumes me that stores actually enforce this policy of no photo-taking. When I'm lucky and get a really nice SA to assist me, he/she usually doesn't mind me taking pix - it's the security guards that have a problem with it. So I'm on a mission to keep taking *as many pictures as I can* and post them here in the forum for all of us to dream about. I don't care if they confiscate my camera one day!!!:nuts: How are we going to evaluate all the beautiful bags out there w/o pictures of them to dream about?

    Anyway... here's my attempt to give you a little eye-candy for a Monday morning... if I find some more images in my files I'll post those too and please add to this thread if you have bags you want to include images of as well.

    Enjoy! :p
  2. P R A D A
  3. PRADA GAUFFREs 2007

    black frame, white, cera, camel, black bowler
    P5060954_blackframegauffre_ew.JPG P5060956_gauffrewhite.JPG P5060957_gauffrecera.JPG P5060961_gauffre_natural.JPG P5060958_gauffreblackbowler.JPG
  4. PRADA BOWLERs 2007

    Grey patchwork bowler w/fringe - Tan patchwork bowler w/fringe - Grey bowler
    P5060960_greyfringedbowler.JPG P5060962_tanfringedbowler.JPG P5060959_greybowler.JPG
  5. Gorgeous!!!!!!!! yummy leather, thanks for the pics!!!
  6. I tried on the cera in Saks!!! loved it!!! I cant afford it though:sad: :crybaby: .

    Black messenger, Black small e/w satchel
    P4140855_blackMessenger.JPG P4140854_black_smallewsatchel.JPG
  8. GAUFFREs FALL 2006

    black E/W satchel, brown ruched tote, (v.beckham) ruched tote, black ruched tote
    P2250614_2006_BLACK.E.W.JPG P5060955_ruchedbrown.JPG P2250615_beckhamtote.JPG P2250613_black_ruchedtote.JPG
  9. They're all so beautiful! Thanks for posting pics.
  10. Ooh! I also want to make note... the Fall 2007 E/W Gauffre has *horizontal* ruching instead of the usual *vertical* ruching we've seen. It's really gorgeous. Also the leather is the cera - deerskin and not the lambskin. I saw this bag in black yesterday at Saks... I *should* have taken a pic of it - but I did not. Will get next time.

    The bag is stunning though - and if you get a chance to see this one - take note of the *bottom* of the bag - it is STUNNING - when you hold it on your arm you can see the bottom of the bag and the ruching pattern there is just *so* hot - I almost died! Very sexy!!!

    wish I had a pic for you!
  11. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much. :nuts:
  12. thanks for posting, they are all very pretty
  13. Great thread, pad! :nuts:

    I really love the ruched tote in brown. I saw it in person last week. Just gorgeous :drool:
  14. Thanks so much! Do you know how nice this is when you live in a place that does not have a Prada boutique, and you never get to see these bags in real life? Very gracious of you and thanks again - keep those photos coming! :yahoo:
  15. Awesome pics..Good job!!!!
    We love our Prada eye candy here!!!!HEEHEE!!!