Prada Backpack

  1. Hi Prada lovers and experts. I am new to this thread. I have several Prada bags. The one I use the most for travel and keeping in my car for access to my misc. things is my nylon backpack. It is so user friendly and accomodating. Just wanted to know is this style still in or what is the IT prada style for travel and everyday use for carrying those extra things that do not fit in a purse.
  2. I got a Prada tote from the animalier collection - I posted a stock pic in a thread below, but I need to post actual pics. I think it rocks and has some edge to it, you know.

    I like the totes for everyday. I'm a fan of backpacks too, but it seems like totes are more in right now.
  3. My husband just recently bought me the nylon black Prada backpack and I think it is just the most comfortable bag ever (never mind that I have wanted one ever since I was in high school). I love my bag and use it every day as my "work" bag.
  4. I have a nylon backpack it around 5-6 years ago and I love it!

    I'm not an expert, but from what I've seen it seems like totes are more popular now than backpacks. BUT if you love your backpack, keep wearing it! I love mine to sentimental too because of all the many countries it's gone to on my shoulder :heart: .
  5. i have a brown prada backpack and i got it like 10 years back. it is a good bag for travelling.