Prada Authentic? Nylon quilted bag

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  1. Hi- this is my 1st time posting to this site- I received a Prada from a friend and want to know if it's Authentic- The straps are a plastic-like material linked with leather. I tried to get as good photos and love this bag- :biggrin: The inside of the bag was difficult to get, but I got the inside metal "tag" with the jacquard.






    Many thanks, in advance-
  2. Wow, that's about as fake as they come...sorry 'bout that...
  3. Really?? The tags look real- there's the metal tag inside... wow- I'm surprised- I got it from someone who only carries authentic handbags and she grew tired of it..
    I couldn't locate it anywhere online...
    Thank you-
  4. cLOSING..please post in the correct area!we can help u better there!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.