Prada Australia

  1. thanks il take a look at the classic lines :smile:
  2. Bump - any updates from the sale? :smile:
  3. Hi all! I am from Sydney! Looking to purchase BN1786 but can't decide whether to get a black or clay grey one?? ;)
  4. ^ oh i'd love a BN1786 too! hmmm i think i would prefer black
  5. me too but martin place has sold out black since xmas :tdown:
  6. what about DJ's Prada?
  7. Yes! Got it today! Will put the photos up soon! :yahoo:
  8. Congrats!!!!
  9. Hi, guys i just check 5th ave website and likeing Tessuto & Saffiano Roll Wristlet soooo much. But i need a bit more info and even better more photos of the interior. I just want to know if there is a credit card slots and how many ??? any zipper compartment etc. Not sure if sydney store got the stock or not. anyone can help.. would be very greatful !!
  10. i'm not sure if the Australian Prada stores have it - but i just did a dummy order and shipping came down to 57, so 341.20 AUD all up - which is prob going to be cheaper than the prices if any at the Australian Stores
  11. anyone own one of these bags?
    Picture 2.png
  12. Me! Me! It's the 1786. I have it in black & it's 2 weeks old :biggrin: Got it from DJs Prada. Why do you ask? It's awesome btw! :nuts:
  13. Do you know the product codes? Ring the stores and ask. Martin Pl's store is helpful. DJs store never answer the phone!

  14. it's gorgeous!
    how many different sizes are there?
    do they ever go on sale? what about the seasonal colours? are they ever on sale?

    thank you : )
  15. hey, airina666
    post the picture of your new bag, pls... wanna see what she looks like.. TA