Prada Australia

  1. I thought I'd start an official Australia thread.

    So who here is from Australia?
  2. I am! :woohoo:
  3. Me too!!:smile:
  4. me three!!!!!

    hi everyone!
  5. hi everyone : )

    where in australia?
    i'm sydney.
  6. sydney too!
  7. Me too! I'm in Brisbane (have been for years!), but originally from Adelaide!
  8. what do you guys have?

    i only have 4 items from prada - 2 wallets, 1 bag and 1 cosmetics pouch.
  9. wohooo Prada, i'm still eyeing a nappa gauffre, can't decide on the colour, what do u guys think?
  10. I am from Melbourne

    I have 7 Prada bags, Prada leather jacket, sunnies and one pair prada shoes.

    hubby has promised me a prada guaffre soon! I like the smaller hobo sized ones.
  11. Sydney!!

    I'm eyeing on the nappa gauffre too!!

    Which colour do you gals think is "less-flashy"? The gauffre itself is already very flashy!!lolz
  12. I'm in Melbourne!
  13. Hi Ladies,
    I'm from Adelaide..

    4 Prada bags for me! Hope there's more to come.. How are the sales in Sydney?
  14. I'm tossing up between the gauffre in degrade ice or degrade golden brown. They are on the prada website, i just use the US e-store to have a look.