Prada Australia Vs Prada Singapore

  1. I'm going to Singapore soon for holiday but i'm not sure where is cheaper. Help!!!!!!!!!
  2. I don't know any specific prices, but if you buy > $300 in one tax invoice in Aus within 30 days of leaving the country, you can claim the GST back at the airport. Works out about 9% or so. You need to have the bag & receipt with you after you check in.
  3. With the excellent dollar value right now, Prada retail prices in Aus are approximately US retail price + GST.
    Example, the applique lambskin clutches are $895 US retail (taxes added at checkout for US residents) and AU price is $990 (includes GST). Not too shabby.
    Finally a brand that aligns its prices according to the exchange rates!
    Im pretty sure thats lower retail prices than Singapore.

    Claim GST back at the airport and i believe you have yourself a better deal.
  4. I think SG sometimes ended up more expensive than AUS. Especially if you buy in AUS just before going overseas, you can claim the GST as well - around 9%.
  5. okay i'll purchase here and claim tax then :smile: thanks so much for all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Just make sure you tell the SA you're intending on claiming GST as there's a special form/receipt for amounts over $1000.