Prada attack!

  1. I am hyperventilating over a Prada bag on bluefly right now. Oh please can someone give me a % discount code. I will return the favor after I purchase as they have told me they will give me one then.
    I'm begging...:love:
  2. Wow...Thanks tunder53!:heart:
  3. What did you order? :nuts:
  4. I got a sand colored suede bag with whip stitching. I don't know the name of it. It is a good size bag with a large Prada nameplate in bronze on the front. It was $1032. so I got it for around $925. with the discount! It will go really well with a pair of Choo suede boots I have. I hope there is not a problem with the order like some have had.
    Yeahhhh...I'm a Prada girl now! I'll post pics when I get it!
  5. I remember seeing that bag! :yes:
  6. I already got a message from bluefly that they cancelled the order. Something about my credit card (which has a zero balance right now) I reordered and then it said I couldn't use the promo code as it had already been used! OK this is getting to be a major hassle by now. The blyfly rep said she would have to apply the cod manually, but my receipt still does not reflect the promo code discount. It better by tomorrow...:cursing:
  7. ^^^What they do in those situations is put a separate credit on your card. It usually takes 7-14 days to show up though. It won't show on your invoice or the charge to your credit card, just as a credit later.