prada antik metallic dome

  1. has anyone seen this bag at their boutique or dept store?

    I'm on a mad hunt!! i called my local neiman's and she said that there is none in the company. Neiman's also stated it's unavailable. :cursing: I called the Las Vegas boutique and she said they had none in stock as well. It doesn't have to be metallic, i would be happy with the black and gold one as well. TIA :flowers:
  2. thank you purseinsanity but that model is slightly different.
    It doesn't have the pleating like the first one and it's bigger.

    Again, thank you :flowers:
  3. I'll keep my eye out for you, but I haven't seen one. Did you check Rafaello Network and Styledrops???
  4. Overstock has one in naturale without the pleated effect on top. It's the last season antik cervo bowler. Go check it out.
  5. Thank you longchamp and iansri09!!! I never knew those sites existed and sold authentic prada. I checked it out but they don't have what im looking for. I'll be checking out those sites more often!! :flowers:
  6. How's this one? It's not the exact same thing, but it's got the pleating!

    It's at!