PRADA Antic Nappa Gauffre Tote on SALE @ saks!

  1. I saw it at Saks the other day...GORGEOUS!!!!!! I say go for it! :smile:
  2. I say go for it too! That is a gorgeous bag!
  3. OOh my god I loved it when I first saw it (from the pics when VB had it).

    GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am green with envy.
  4. wow. go for it!!
    what a great deal, this bag is gorg!!!!!
  5. likeafeather77,
    Which Saks? I would love to see this IRL!
  6. It's gone already! Geeze!!
  7. who else bought one? there were two available when this post was made
    I JUST bought the one that was in my cart from last night, was the last one

    teehee, now i have to sell off my gold speedy for sure :sad:
  8. ^^^ NEVERMIND, I just CANCELED my order. I found some pics of this bag in the brown color and OMG its HUUUUUGE. 16"x17" or something.

    pfft nice bag,but i dont want a piece of lugagge LOL

    so one is back up on
  9. Thanks lv1011 - I'll check it out again!
    Gone ......... oh well, I will try and see it IRL, perhaps one of the stores still has it?
  10. So lovely, but it looked like I was carrying my house with me it was so big on me.
  11. I want this bag! Saks says that a few stores may still have it - I would just like to see it IRL.
    Is this the same bag VB was seen carrying months ago?
  12. ^ yes.
    is it one size only?
    i thought there was a smaller size!