Prada Antic Easy Shoulder Bag - Question about size

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  1. I was just on the sale portion of Bergdorf's site and saw this particular bag still available. Its on sale for $805 (down from $1150) and am not sure if the photo showing is a good rendition of the actual bag. I love the photo - that is the shape (rectangular) I would like to get but the dimensions stated are 12"H x 15 1/5"W x 4 2/5"D which would make it more square in my opinion. Do you think the height portion includes the folded over part on the push lock styles?
  2. Pics?
  3. [​IMG]Wow - I finally figured out how to do pictures! :yahoo: I just would have thought 12 x 15 would look a lot more square than this (not that I'm complaining - I love how this one looks).
  4. I have this bag and it is pretty small. It only measures about 6 inches with the top flap closed ( I just measure it). One thing I don't like is that it slouches quite a bit when it is not full because it is rectangular on the bottom and it narrows up at the top so it resembles a triangle from the side. One more compaint is that it is heavier than it looks.
  5. ^^^Uh, this thread is almost a year old!!! :wtf:
  6. CLOSING..OLD thread
Thread Status:
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