Prada Antic Cervo Owners - How is yours holding up??

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  1. Everyone,

    I am seriously wanting this bag, but I have heard that the deerskin is prone to blushing and wearing. I would very much like to get your take on how your bags are holding up. Thanks in advance!

    :heart: BL
  2. Does no one own this bag??!? :sad:
  3. I got it about a month ago. One thing I know is that I love it! It can go with every style, and holds up lots of my stuffs!:yahoo:
  4. I beat the heck out of my Cervo tote and the matching wallet..No probs here!
  5. Oh, I think I may just have to take the leap! I can't take it anymore!!!!
  6. I've had mine since Christmas but only had it out once so it's still looking great :nuts: