Prada Antic Cervo: Hobo Or Satchel? Help!

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  1. hi gals. i have placed an order with NM for the prada antic cervo satchel and then saw the hobo at the local prada boutique today. i asked them to reserve this for me, and i have until monday (it is friday afternoon here today) to decide if i want the hobo. if this is the case, i have to rush to cancel my NM order before they charge my card (!). if you were in my shoes, which one would you get, and why? (the hobo is almost $700 cheaper i think) thank youuu....
  2. Satchel is WAY NICER..IMHO.....
  3. I like the satchel better than the hobo. It's unique, and I like the extra strap.
  4. thanks for our opinion so far ladies. i started with a definite preference for the satchel. and then i saw how large and sort of more square-ish bottom than a normal hobo this one has, so that it looks more like a cross between a hobo and a tote. there is a pic of someone who carried one here in the forum somewhere, but i can't seem to find it again. some other things i forgot to ask is: (1) do you find that you have stretch marks around the handle of the satchel when you carry it? (2) can you carry the satchel on your shoulder - i saw in this forum a pic of different leather similar east west prada satchel being carried on shoulder.

  5. You should get the sachel!
    I did---and i adore it to death.:smile:
    oh, btw, you can carry it on your works fine with me even with my maternal fats, but, best if you have skinny shoulders and arms...this bag is of course hand held and sling.