Prada Antic Cervo Bowler... Just Arrived ... pix!

  1. Just got this delivered from Prada today! :heart:


  2. Beautiful, PadP!! Love it and she looks great on you! Nice, rich color. YUM!
  3. Wow! Pad, love it!
    Santa is arriving early!
    Keeper RIGHT?
  4. wow, looks GREAT on you! :smile:
  5. pad!!!!! do you find the leather and colouring as yummy as F/W 2006 cocoa antik cervo?
  6. Great looking bag! I got one in the chocolate brown. Mine looks larger do they come in
    two sizes
  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Wear it in good health!
  8. congrats! love the color!
  9. It looks fabulous on your arm -- enjoy !!
  10. Ohhh another bag I'm jealous of! You have amazing taste in bags!
  11. Looks great! I love the leather and color.
  12. Pradas look so good on the arm. Congratulations.
  13. WOW, there's been a HUGE run on bowlers this week! This is the third one I've looked at today.

    Good job, Pad! :yahoo:
  14. Congrats!!!!!!!
  15. Congratulations - it's Beautiful! I love Antik Cervo!!