prada antic cervo bowler - bianco or naturale

  1. I like them both. please please help me decide. TIA! ;)

    This is my first prada and I'm looking for an everyday bag. Is it a good choice??
    cervo antik bianco1.jpg cervo antik naturale1.jpg
  2. I think the naturale makes better sense. It's a year 'round color, goes with everything and you won't have to worry about it getting dirty so much.
  3. I like them both! LOL!
    lilyx, what works best for your lifestyle, clothing?
    Are they on sale? Where/discount?
  4. I agree that the Naturale makes more sense....but....I love the shading on the Bianco the best. It also looks more unique.

    The Cervo Satchel in my avatar is Naturale yet looks lighter than the Bowler in the same color.

    Why not chose the one that makes your heart beat faster? That is usually the best guage as to what is right for you.
  5. I like naturale best also! Another good color choice would be a Noce brown in this bag. I have this same bowler shape in a black gauffre and it's the best! Go for it!
  6. Thanks so much gals. I'm keeping the natural!!:yahoo:
  7. they're 30% off @ Saks right now :smile:
  8. ladysalesrep, looooove your cervo satchel in naturale, so beautiful :tup:
  9. what a great choice! :heart: the naturale!
  10. I like Biano better. Natural is too "western" to me.

  11. Hmmm, good point HandbagAngel!
    It's certainly a great bag.
  12. I like the naturale. It looks warmer.

    Which Saks have these bags 30% off?
  13. I think so too.
  14. how do you mean "western"...?
  15. I saw the naturale version of this bag on the clearance table at Saks today for around $1200ish. It was AMAZING!