Prada and Saks EGCs... no more?

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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    I read on the Chanel shopping subforum that Chanel may no longer be included in future Saks EGC events. I was so disappointed to read this, until I got to post #27!!! ...

    "I spoke to my Saks SA Jayne - who works in the Prada department but I use her for everything in the store - and she confirmed that Prada is also no longer included in EGC events." - post courtesy of NY_fashionista.

    Now, I'm devastated.:crybaby:

    I guess the last Saks EGC was the start of this apocalypse. Saks pulled Chanel and Prada off that one already.
  2. Sadly it is a fact. Not just Chanel and Prada, Gucci, Dior, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin are also going to be excluded from Saks EGC event.

    There're still some nice Designer brands that are included, such as Fendi, BV, Miu Miu (though Saks are pulling all the Miu Miu handbags from their stores), Valentino, chloe, and etc. Let's just hope they don't get bumped to the exclusion list.
  3. Yes, it's all sad but true :sad:
  4. Figures...I think they will find out that the sales that they need really badly will suffer.

    BTW..Does anyone know if the end of the year card that Saks will send, based on your previous years purchases can still be used at Chanel and Prada? TIA
  5. ^Im sure u can use a GC for ANYTHING.its like cash.

    YUP,Its more EGC..sniff...Thank god I got a CHANEL at the last one...sigh
  6. Saks gave me a gift card when I opened an account, one of those 12 month no interest ones, and they gave me $50.00 gift card a few weeks ago, but on the back it says: No Louis Vuitton products, so I am wondering if the new Saks gift cards are going to limit others too.
  7. Wail!!

    I really am not motivated to get anything. No Egcs and no really good looking purses are a deadly combo.