Prada and Neiman Marcus

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  1. I live in Atlanta and our NM has a very limited supply of Prada. I have asked SA's here in this store to look at other stores and let's just say they are less then helpful. So, does anyone live near a NM, maybe out west, that has a good selection and would be willing to take a sale from me? I'm kind of stuck with Neiman's since I just got a gift card for that store. :smile: If you want to PM me the information that's fine as well.

  2. What do you mean take a sale from you? If you have a certain bag in mind, you can call around to other NM stores? The store in Dallas has a good selection but I live an hour from there so I usually just shop on-line myself......
  3. I have found the Prada SAs in the Orlando, FL Neiman Marcus to be very nice.
  4. The sales associates here have always offered to have whatever bag I wanted shipped in if they didn't have it.
  5. how long does neiman marcus take to ship anything. i ordered a prada bag online on the 8th and it still says "in process"
  6. Sweetie, patience... you ordered a bag on a Friday and yesterday (Monday) was a national holiday. I ALWAYS order my bags on Monday or Tuesday 'cause I'm impatient just like you...I want to see it shipped PRONTO!!!
  7. SA'S in atlanta neiman marcus are mostly very unfriendly but I have saks sa's very good here. I remember washington neiman marcus SA also very good

  8. LOL!!!! Bluefly does the same thing.
  9. Thanks so much! I have called around a few stores. I'm looking for a nylon bag in Fumo. According to the 5 stores I've called so far they don't actually know what the other stores carry and each region has different buyer so they could have different things. I've resigned myself to calling as many as possible just to see if they have it or get it in. I noticed the fumo bags came back this season on Styledrops and Raffaello-network, but you never know what the US stores will get. So far, no dice. I have a NM gift card and nothing to buy! :smile:
  10. Ipsimner, try Elaine at NM Hawaii tel#(808)948-7342. She's super nice. She's the SA for balenciaga but I'm sure she'll be able to help you with Prada as well. I'm not sure if NM Hawaii carrys Prada as I don't live there, I've just ordered a couple balenciaga from her before when I couldn't find it anywhere. Worth a try, good luck!
  11. Thanks xoxomint! I will call her!
  12. You can always call the NM in PA; it is the King of Prussia store. There is a very nice SA, Gina, who will check to see who has what. The number is 610-354-0500.

    From what I remember, they have a book at their registers that shows the items they carry. From there, they can find out what store has what if they don't have it. They did have a nice selection of Prada the last time I was there.