Prada and Miu Miu subforum?

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  1. I know this idea was brought up a while back -- but that thread seems to have disappeared (and the suggestion was buried well within the thread, in any event)? Not sure what happened to it, as I've had to be away for a while, but it definitely isn't showing up when I try a search...

    In any event, I just wanted to say that I, for one,would be so grateful if a Prada and Miu Miu subforum could be added to our list. (I do understand, of course, if this is not practical at this time -- thanks very much, in advance).

    Any and all who would also like a Prada and Miu Miu subforum, please sign up below. Many thanks to all!:biggrin:
  2. I would LOVE a PRADA FORUM!...sniff.....sob....please...VLAD??!!!!!!!!!
  3. Jill -- I totally knew I could count on you!
  4. Anyone else? Where are all our Prada lovers? I know you are out there, I've chatted with you!
  5. C'mon Gals-we need your input to get a Prada forum!!!!!LOL!
  6. I definitely know that there's more people interested than just me and Jill.

    C'mon, guys. Log on!
  7. I would totally love a Prada forum. Sign me up for sure!
  8. me too..
  9. I Would Love A Prada (& Miu Miu!) Subform!!!
  10. Thanks, guys!
  11. brilliant idea:idea:!!!!i'm with you!!!:flowers:
  12. I am starting to get into Prada, so I would LOVE a Prada and Miu Miu subforum!!!!
  13. And we're still missing tonnes of people, who have chatted with me about Prada before. They must not have seen this yet!
  14. hmmm- I think it would end up just like the Gucci, Fendi, and MJ subforums with little activity. A good idea though!
  15. Hopefully not! I, for one, would be a regular.
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