Prada and Miu Miu must haves

  1. I just saw these flats and purses in store today. And am totally in love. Tell me what you think! Am so looking forward to Spring/Summer...
    index-1.jpg index.jpg pra002s-1d9904_1_p.jpg pra079s-bn1645_p.jpg
  2. The pink suede (?) flats with the gorgeous mauve bow are TDF. I can see why you like them. Love the bag, too, off course! It's Prada!
  3. The gray flats are lovely I like that shape too, and the bag is really pretty but is it leather or nylon ?
  4. Very nice!
  5. very nice, i love miu miu bags and shoes:tup::tup:
  6. very nice..but I prefer miu miu pumps:tup:
  7. OH MY! I NEED those bow flats!!!
  8. i want ALL of it! i love your taste!! :heart:
  9. The pink flat look yummy!!!!! I so wanna run to the store and get a pair of that right now!
  10. Those shoes loook soooo comfy. :smile:
  11. Now you girls understand why I was palpitating when I saw those shoes. Am pregnant now and can only wear flats but still wanna look stylish of course! I think Ill go for the Prada flats. The bag is in leather but I think I will have to put that aside for now to buy the crib haha!