Prada and LG launch new phone

  1. ohhh I mentioned this in general discussion! Thanks so much for providing the link!

    Personally, I love it! i have a chocolate right now and this Prada one would be awesome!
  2. looks a lot like the new iphone....LOL! except better, because it's prada :smile:
  3. OK..someone go tell PHH I MUST have this phone to maintain my Prada reputation...ROFLMAO!
  4. How much is this? Will it be available in spore??? I WANT IT!!
  5. from the website that was provided....

  6. Oh man... I really want this phone now!!!
  7. Oh that is pretty! Jill YOU HAVE TO GET THIS!
  8. Yeah, you have to get it Jill! :graucho: :roflmfao:
  9. that looks cool!
  10. I want one.
  11. Cool!
  12. I one want too. It looks great. So simple and elegant.
  13. Pretty chic... but very simple. Reminds me of a black phone :amuse:
  14. :p Too funny, Megs!

    I guess for Prada lovers, it is a necessity!