Prada advice please!

  1. I have decided I desperately NEED a Prada and/or a Mui Miu bag! I want a really soft leather shoulder bag.
    When I look at Prada bags on e-bay, what should I be looking for?
    Any suggestions? I can't touch them so I need keywords or styles or something to point me the right way!
  2. Be careful! Most of the Prada bags on ebay are fakes. So unless you feel confident in authenticating them, I wouldn't buy one off of ebay.
  3. :sad: I have no idea what to look for.
  4. Pm me the links..I know Prada VERY WELL..LOL!
  5. Well, if you don't even know what style you want, then I suggest you look at lots of pics. Search for pics of Prada under the Handbag Showcase, and Celebrities with Handbags. We can't tell you if a Prada bag is authentic or not, if you don't even know what style you want.
  6. These are definitely good tips, though I think Peski is actually a man (I think I communicated with him a while back over some Prada issue).

    I would second the warnings -- Prada is very much faked on ebay.