Prada; a new obession; nylon is awesome!!

  1. So...I am an LV collector...the Damier line...but I bought 1 or 2 Pradas and then....

    :yahoo: Especially the Nylon, it is so comfortable, the colors are so great! I usually dont do lighter colors...but...their Malva, Fuxia, lovely...goes with everything! I never knew that the Nylon bags were so durable yet so easy to carry yet so chic!!!! I havent carried my Lvs in a month now.....oh wonder everyone around me have at least 10 Pradas in their collection...I used to scratch my head at it.....

    They have unique bags like the leather one with an unbrella that detaches with leather straps (so cute) is lovely...and one that folds into a leather casing that is attached at the bottom of the bag...its really genius!!...

    My husbands like..."Uh oh..." :lol: I agree...:yes: Just had to share.....:shame:
  2. Yes, I agree. The nylon Pradas are very durable and practical, I usually use mine on rainy days and it still comes out looking fabulous! Congrats on your new Pradas!
  3. They are ultra useful!! Enjoy them.
  4. I got a few nylon Pradas years ago then stashed them away...I'm inspired to take mine out of hiberation for this F/W!
  5. Thank you!!!
  6. :yes: :yes:

  7. Thank you...and your so right!! Im so happy that I decided to try it!:yes:
  8. Prada nylon IS the best..I agree!They can take a beating and still look like new!
  9. :yes: :yahoo: (Love your collection of Prada bags Jill!!!! Im a fan!!)
  10. I love Prada nylon bags. So far I own two and I love love LOVE them!
  11. agree, nylon prada bags need the least maintenance, i never have to worry about them after usage.
  12. i need one that would be able to carry my books and other stuff. so prada nylon would be the best bag to use for Uni? i just have to choose which style... any recommendations?

    thanks for all your posts... :flowers: