Prada 75% Off Friends and Family

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  1. The sale is at Prada boutiques and is on all fall and winter mechandise.
  2. All Prada boutiques?
  3. Yes, I think so. It goes on today and tomorrow - I think many are out of handbags - but call around to be sure!
  4. Yes ALL.
  5. Too bad that I called SF Prada but they cannot ring it over the phone. Can anyone recommend a good SA and pm me the info? TIA!
  6. wow, 75% off...
  7. I am defintely calling tommorrow and checking to see what they have left and if it's UP TO 75% off.
  8. Is there anywhere online where I can look at the collections? The closest boutique is in New York :sad:
  9. Wow. I hope I can score a bag...
  10. Stormy, I'm counting on you to get some great stuff! Go shop, Girl! :woohoo:
  11. i just called adn hawaii stores said only 40%
  12. When does it start?
    How do you get it?
    More details would be helpful.
  13. Does anyon know how I can get F&F discount? Can I just ask/mention it and they will give the discount for me? TIA!!
  14. No. It's 75% off. Not up to 75%, but 75%.
  15. More info please..