Prada 2009 baby bag

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  1. Anyone using this bag? Model no. BR4102, dark navy/gold metalware.

    I got mine in melbourne last month. I wanted to get the LV baby bag (way too heavy) or Gucci (straps too short for me), but fell in love with this one instead. After we came back, I tried to search online for this item but couldn't find much. Is anyone else using this as baby/diaper bag? If not, what do you use?
  2. found some pics of the bag you were talking about so have put it up

    for easier referencing

    Attached Files:

  3. i can not vouch for the website,, but i hope the pics will

    help to get replies to your thread.
  4. Thanks, shosho811 , for posting the pics for me. I am bad in uploading pics.
  5. you're welcome......

    is the bag roomy enough to pack up all your baby needs for a day out
  6. It is quite roomy. I can put everything I need in it, but it will be a bit heavy to carry (but it's more light weight than other designer diaper bag already). Fortunately, I usually hang it on the stroller, so it is ok. It's very durable and dirt resistant.
  7. It is gorgeous! I haven't seen it yet, but it looks great! Mind if I ask how much it was?
  8. I got it for $1,300 Australian before tax refund (we were there for vacation). The exchange rate was quite good at that time. I don't know how much it is in other countries.

    It doesn't look very diaper bag, so I can always use it as a large tote later when my kids are older.