Prada 1/2 Price Sale Excursion


May 14, 2007
Just outside NYC
Prada is having their annual sale :heart: -- all the runway looks, shoes, etc are 1/2 off. Stores like Neimans only marked down 30% this week so these are the best prices on any of these pieces before they vanish into the inventory for places like Space at Woodbury Commons (and usually a year out of season).
Pictures when the *box* arrives next week but I did exceedingly well -- called Yoki, the Women's RTW Manager at the Fifth Avenue store who put things on hold for me. She also connected me with Alexsey who will try stuff on for you if he's close to your DH/SO's size (there's also a smaller, shorter guy for other shaped hsbs). If there's something you had your eye on -- they still had quite a few of the runway coats, crinkled/threaded fabric pieces,fur capes,heat treated mohairs (especially the guys) last night when I left.
I got my husband one of the degrade wool 3/4 length overcoats that fades from black to a golden/ashey color, one of the heat treated black mohair sweaters (looks great under the coat) and a pair of the distressed black and rust leather oxfords.
Choosing for myself was really hard -- they had a beautiful bow in the back anthracite wool double breasted coat but in the end I went for the very understated, mid calf full silk/wool skirt and boxy jacket with a very subtle degrade where the gathers at the top of the skirt (which rides on the hips) changes from black to navy and back again. Look # 37 at the Prada site.
Yoki and Aleksey could not have been more gracious and helpful and I would recommend them to anyone -- they really know the lines well and never sound hassled or busy, even when they are. 212 664-0020
Afterwards, I went out for dinner where my husband works and had a white truffle rissotto so it was really rather an amazing day. Pics next week when the box comes -- saving that sales tax on top of everything else is just awesome. I'm attaching one of the suit and the jacket from the runway show.
You really should be shot for having this much fun :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: