Practical/Impractical color selection - What would you do?

  1. When I first started purchasing MJ bags, I really thought I should stick with classic colors that I would get the most use from. For me, that is mostly black. I thought that if I was going to spend that much money on a bag, it should be practical. Not a crazy color that I loved, but probably was not as wearable.

    Now, I am rethinking that and wondering what your take is on this. If you are going to be spending a good chunk of change on a bag, do you stick with the "basic" colors - brown, black, tan, etc. or do you think that if you are spending that much money, it had better be something so out of the ordinary that it really stands out?

    I am asking this because I am planning (hoping) to buy a new bag this coming weekend. As I have posted before, I am going to San Francisco for a couple of days to shop. No kids, no husband. Just me alone on Thursday and then with my mom on Saturday. There are some bags I want to see up close and decide if I really love them. The Cherry Tart Patchwork Stam, Truffle Quilted Stam and the Dash. I love the Dash. It comes in "practical", brown and then there is this gorgeous lavender. Dilemma. If I am going to end up buying a bag, do I go for practical or a crazy, beautiful color?

    Cherry Tart and Lavender are the crazy-beautiful shades, IMO. Love them, but do you spend your $$$ on them or do you only buy those kinds of bags on sale or on E-bay?

    Just curious how you all look at it. Do you only spend the big bucks on classic colors or do you only spend the big bucks on hard to find, unusual colors?:p
  2. I love the cherry tart! Red bags are considered basics, at least that is what I thought! How could you go wrong with such a "hot" bag!!!
  3. I spend on both! The classic colors serve a purpose because you can always go to those, without fear. But the bright and colorful ones add spice to anything you wear and IMO make YOU stand out. I love add bright colored bags *like my ferrari red blake* to make heads turn.

    I also agree with Muggles, red is a classic!

    I think it's hard to tell you which to spend the big bucks, because ultimately you would know what wows you in that moment. But like I said, both colored abd classic colors have a place in my wardrobe. Although, let me also say, I would never go for a neon colored stam....whether through e-bay or retail store.


    post pics when you decide!
  4. With that said, you should buy a fab red bag!
  5. Agree with Jap4life and muggles, you can't go wrong with a gorgeous red bag and the cherrytart pw stam is tdf. Don't make up your mind yet which bag to get, have a good look around the shops, try on the bags and buy the one which screams 'TAKE ME HOME'.
    Btw I think lavender is also a basic colour which goes with most stuff.
    Whatever you buy, hope you have a really great time in SF :smile:
  6. I second that! BTW, roro you are a lucky duck, SF is my FAVORITE city to go too!
  7. I think you should take the plunge and get the cherry tart. You think that you wouldn't wear it that often, but usually when you a bag with such a strong color it really pulls your outfit together. You can be dressed in total neutrals and the red would make it look so much more put together. Besides..I don't always match my outfits to the color of my bag. Have fun, get a fun color!
  8. i buy a little of everything! there are fun colors that are versatile and will go with most everything in your closet. red is one of these colors, so if you love the cherrytart, you should get it and not worry about whether or not you'll be able to match it with your sweater/pants/dress because you will!

    that being said, in my quest for buying non-boring and non-neutral colors, i've made some errors in judgment. some colors, no matter how pretty, just doesn't go with a whole lot. i think once you see the colors up close, you'll realize what shades will work for you and what won't depending on the clothes you own or have a tendency to buy. as for sticking to the practical colors, i don't even look at the black bags anymore because it's just boring compared to everything else that's out there.
  9. I don't buy ANY of my bags at MJ for full should wait cherrytart will go on sale and even if it's only the first markdown you can still get it for like 300$ cheaper.....what's more I have only ONE MJ bag in black....i do not do black and browns very well and LOVE color.... I think people get so worried in things not matching, but no one else looks at that. I think a bag's beauty can do so much! i would get cherry tart in a stam and not worry about matching....i have a plum stam and a topaz stam and a brown capra and white olga...also have teal mayfair, cherryblossom venetia, and black n/s shopper, and bordeaux zc.....go for color, when the sales come around i will be looking for a eugenie in cherrytart and is basic and what i tell people is that there's nothing basic about me, so i almost never wear black!
  10. i use to buy really neutral colored bags like tan, brown, black.. etc. then i realized that i just really love the colors way more and stopped caring that they didnt match.
  11. It depends on how many bags you have. If you have a relatively small collection, I would stick to basic colors, otherwise you won't get much use out of your bags. However, if you already have some solid, everyday MJ bags, then by all means expand into something you might not use as much. Although I might tend to err on the side of conservative, and think hard about whether any color I buy will look dated in a few years (I think this would be my biggest worry if I wasn't getting black/brown/white).
  12. IMO, it's not the color that dates a bag, but the style/detail. KWIM?
  13. I agree with this :yes:
    I am like you, I think more practical also. I do love the Cherry Tart PW stam and the Truffle quilted stam. I consider both practical- it's just that red isn't as "boring" as black :p I think either would be a great, practical bag. The cherry tart is TDF IRL. It is a strong, vibrant red. You will :heart: it. The truffle is also very classy. Have fun shopping in SF! You should have some good solid thinking time to peruse the bags on Thursday! :tup:
  14. I'm terribly biased b/c I LOVE my cherry tart Ines. She might be my favorite bag in my whole collection. She doesn't go w/everything, but she does go w/ a lot. The red is versitle and BEAUTIFUL. You will see when you experience it IRL if you haven't already.
  15. I agree that red is a basic!