Practical Gifts for Christmas?

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  1. I was reading posts from other forums on Christmas wishlists. I'm amazed that teenage girls want things like underwear, face wash, lotion, down comforters, etc.

    I've always felt the holidays (and birthdays) were a time to give (and receive) presents you've always wanted but would never buy (or cannot afford) yourself....

    I give the most frivilous gifts ever! The most "practical" was probably perfume. I ususally give clothing, purses, shoes, accessories, or stationary.

  2. I think it depends on your budget. Like I think it's ok to ask for say something that's 200 if you'd spend like 100-150 on yourself, but exspecting say a 1,000 is a bit much if you'd only spend 100-150. I have a cousin like that. She is very cheap with everyone, including herself, but exspects like million dollar things. It also depends on the person's budget what you might ask for. Sometimes, you just really want and/or need the pratical stuff. :flowers:
  3. Hey Sonya!

    I think Christmas is a great time to "upgrade." As in, getting even better sheets/comforters that you might buy yourself. I, for one, am a total cheapskate when it comes to bedding so I know my mom will probably send me a nice set of sheets and a down comforter.

    Stationary is a great gift, also, which oddly, I've never received. Maybe it's because everyone knows its a splurge I already make for myself.

  4. No, that's not what I mean. I don't ask people for things that are way more expensive than what I buy myself (well, not usually and not beyond reason -- like from my parents).

    By indulgences, I just mean non-practical gifts. They don't have to be expensive, just things you normally would buy yourself and things you don't "need" just want! They can definitely be inexpensive things.
  5. Maybe it's just me but I would be really upset if my mom gave me a nice set of sheets (even Frette) for Christmas. I would definitely want something else too....

    But I suppose upgrades are not really "practical" gifts anyway, they are more like luxuries because you already have something sufficient....

    I love stationary. I tend to buy people what I love. But I am trying to give people what they want instead of just what I want. For example, for my sister's 21st birthday I bought her $1000 jeweled Manolo stilettos. I'm almost 100% certain she won't wear them anytime soon ... but they are too gorgeous not to have. I think in the end she'll like having them (even if she doesn't wear them) because they are like beautiful works of art and a symbol of the great times to come and the promises of youth transitioning to adulthood. (As a compromise I also got her jacket that she really wanted....)
  6. i almost always ask for luxe practical stuff....fancy sheets, pretty pajamas, new perfume. for some reason i have no problems dropping money on things i don't need at all or inexpensive things i really do need....but fancy smancy stuff that i only kinda need? it always gets put on back burner. i want to have it, but i don't actually want to buy it, you know? hence why i still don't have the fancy smancy starbucks coffee pot i've wanted all year...and am asking for one at christmas. :biggrin:
  7. Well I think it also depends on where you are in life too. I have a lot of friends that love getting things for their apartments/condos that are pretty practical... If you're just starting out sometimes a new set of bedding can be a little luxury!
  8. I love stuff for Christmas that I can use. I hate it when I get nicknacks and stuff that will just find it's way into closets and the next garage sale. :s

    Now, I am thrilled to get anything! LOL, so I am not a picky gift receiver.

    But when people (esp M&D and DH) ask what I want I almost always go for real useable gifts, thing I would even buy for myself:

    jeans (7 for all Mankind, True Religion)
    pots and pans (Bourgeat, All Clad)

    I just don't want to get stuff that won't be used. :shame:
  9. What about muffin or cookie mixes? Holiday CDs? DVDs? Bottle of wine? Something for the home like a fondue set or stuff like a Starbucks gift set?
  10. when I was a teenager... my parents would give us an amount to spend and you could either ask for one big present or make a list of smaller things you wanted... I'd always give her an huge list and (ofcourse) I never got everything on the list so it was still a suprise to open every gift!