Practical and yet not to feminine

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  1. Even though I've bought myself poor for the next 2 months last time I visited Louis Vuitton, I'm allready looking for the next thing with MY name on :graucho:

    I just got myself the Carryall which I love and allready have been using a lot. But as you guys mentioned when I asked for ideas to a bag which could be practical for everyday-use for keys, wallet, agenda, phone and so on, you said the carryall might would be too big, and even though I use it even for small things, I would love to have someone a little smaller.

    I'm thinking a speedy maybe ? But as my title on the thread says - is it too feminine to have that kind of a bag ? Of course I want a size 35 or 40 so it dosen't get to 'lady-handbag-kind-of' but still - would you prefer something else ? or shouldn't I not get that kind of a bag?
  2. What about the naviglio?
  3. I think a speedy would be good.
  4. How about the Sac Bosphore?

    IMHO: The Speedy is a bit too feminine... but feel free to carry whatever YOU like and whatever you feel comfortable carrying.
  5. i always thought speedys were mostly carried by women, altho ive seen pics of male celebs carrying speedies, so they musnt be too feminine.....youd love a speedy in the larger sizes!!
  6. carry what you like! Go to the store and browse and talk with an SA-a good one will gladly help you find something you will love!
  7. if u want the speedy buy the 40
  8. I agree with John, the speedy is quite feminine, but I am totally in accord with the sentiment of to each their own. If you feel comfortable carrying a speedy, then there is no reason not to carry one!
  9. the one time i saw a celeb using a speedy was snoop dog and even then i think he must have been holding it for someone. I do think a speedy bag is for women :shrugs: