PPSSTT-Little Secret about East/West Flaps!!!

  1. A certain store, has the East West Flaps at incredible price......pre-pre
    last two increases......I ordered one today, pm for info if you are interested.:yahoo::yes::heart:H
  2. Wow...I wish I wanted one. It sounds too good to be true!!!
  3. What colours do they have them in?
  4. is it available in the blue fonce???
  5. Do tell! Do tell!
  6. To all who have asked, I am contacting my SA at lunch when she comes in to see
    how many are available. I believe the colors that they have are only black,
    beige. So many of you pm'ed, I answered as many as I could, but will check to make
    sure they still have some available. Yes, to answer some of your questions, the ones
    I saw were the classic E/W. Will post as soon as I speak to her and pm with info.
  7. Oh how exciting.. classic E/W... you gals are so lucky, I thought Timeless classics never go on sale... pls post pics when you can.

    habanerita, if it's not too much trouble could you check with your SA, does she have any round bowling bag on sale in her store? Thanks.
  8. I wish the classic is on sale here too :sad:
  9. Check the threads, I think someone posted that they had seen or were returning one of the bowlers....gl:heart:H

  10. Thank You Soooo Much, Habanerita (Cristina)!!! I ordered a black caviar, I wanted lambskin too, but they don't have them! Do you see any tote there? I'm sooo greedy! =]
    Again, Thank you, it is such a great deal!!!!

  11. YAY!!! I am so glad you got one.......Enjoy....what a deal we got!!!!!I will be spying all stores again this week to see who might have an old price available, will post.....
    Enjoy her:heart:H

  12. Is East west flap is the small one with single chain? TIA
  13. Yes:heart:H
  14. I just spoke to SA, in stock there are 2 beige lambskin ones with gold Hw at $1595
    one black caviar with silver hardware at $1395 - They may be able to locate others, but these are in stock. Pm me if you want the contact info.
  15. wow-- how lucky-- ladies your new year is off to a good start!